Child Orange Astronaut Gloves


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WRITTEN IN THE STARSCongratulations, you’re blasting into the solar system and we’re here to wish you an amazing trip. Before blasting off into space, make sure you have everything you need because you don’t want to be suspended in the cosmos without the essentials! Do you have space suits? Okay, that’s great. How about a spacesuit? Awesome! A helmet? Woo hoo! Wait a minute, do you have gloves? Boarding a spaceship without gloves is a big no-no. Ask any astronaut, you need gloves, but don’t worry we’d be happy to help with this mission before you blast off to do the next mission. These child orange astronaut gloves are a necessity for your trip and for your spacesuit. Wear them while reaching for the elusive stars in the night sky. (Actually, never mind, don’t do that. That’s dangerous!) PRODUCT DETAILSNow you can board the rocket ship in style with these child orange astronaut gloves. They’re perfect for space or just for wearing with spacesuits. The Made by Us accessory is high-quality and made from durable fabric. The orange gloves have black palms and elastic at the wrist so they stay up. Pair them up with our Made by Us children’s astronaut costume for a look that’s out of this world!

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