Child Pumpkin Patch Halloween Sweater

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The Happiest HarvestFall is a pretty exciting time of year. Kids walk into the outdoors with fresh wonder every day as soon as the world outside changes. The sky gets bluer and the sun shines brightly as the wind gets colder and the red and gold leaves blow off the trees. Do you remember how playing outside felt in October when you were a kid? Jumping into a pile of leaves and picking juicy apples is something no kid ever forgets! The smells, tastes, and the bright sun are easy to bring to mind when you think of September and October. Want to share your autumnal enthusiasm with your kiddos? This sweater will become a fall staple with a happy black, green, and orange color scheme. This sweater is Made by Us! That means you can be sure that it’s both comfy and stylish. Our very own graphic designers put together this combo of giggling Jack-O-Lanterns and mini pumpkins. We get that it can be hard to wait all October until wearing a costume to school is finally acceptable. This sweater will help your child stay patient. Everyone will know that they’re in the spirit, even if their mummy costume is still tucked in its package at home. Now, if only you could stop your kiddo from decimating your candy corn stash!

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