Child Red Tights


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When it comes to ladybugs in the summer, you can see them all over! In fact, they get everywhere! Sure, they can be cute in small doses, but when they swarm every part of your house and cover your garden, they can get to be a little too much. Come October and its chill though, we start to see fewer with each passing day. That’s because the little guys forgot to buy a nice pair of tights to protect their legs from the cold, so come Halloween time, they’re ready to get the heck out of there! Don’t let your little lady bug make the same mistake the real guys made this Halloween. Keep that chill off all trick-or-treating long with these adorable, bright, red tights. Don’t worry, these aren’t exclusive to one costume or even one season! Put her in an elf costume for the next holiday or just keep her comfy with her favorite outfits. Be sure to check out the other great colors we have!

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