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And You’re Outta There!Have you always known that your child was a stickler for the rules? Maybe they always try to teach their siblings the rules of the house. Perhaps they don’t hesitate to call mom and dad out on any rules infractions.They’re a good kid, they just like following the rules. They’d make an excellent hall monitor at school. And they’d probably even be kind, and rewind a VHS rental before returning it. (If they even knew what a VHS was.) Actually, you know what would be the perfect career for a little rule follower? Referee! They get to call the shots and make sure that everyone is playing by the rules—a perfect fit for your little one!Design & DetailsSo, your child has decided that they want to be a referee. They’re going to need a white and black striped shirt. They need to be able to throw down the yellow flag when they see someone breaking the rules during the game. Well, this Child Referee Costume is going to be a perfect fit for your young one! The costume comes with a simple black and white striped shirt that all referees wear, so once your child puts it on, they’ll look official. It also comes with a pair of white cropped pants that have an elastic waist to ensure fitting. The included baseball cap has an adjustable band in the back. And, finally, to add an extra authentic touch, this costume comes with a yellow satin pocket flag. Your child will be ready to catch any rules infraction during the next game!Callin the ShotsIf your child just can’t get enough of the rules, then it’s time to give them a chance to enforce them! Take them to the next baseball game in this adorable outfit and watch them call the shots!

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