Child Reversible Vampire Cape


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Well, Halloween is right around the corner again and if you want your kiddo to be the best vampire in the neighborhood then you need to have the perfect accessories. When you complete his monstrous transformation with this Child Reversible Vampire Cape, you’ll have the best-dressed vamp in town. He will be more than ready to run off into the night and collect plenty of treats.Luckily just because he will look like a vampire prince doesn’t mean he will have the unquenchable thirst of one. He may have a bit of a sweet tooth but you won’t have to worry about your little one trying to take a bite out of your neck or any of your friends or neighbors either. Make sure to take a look at the rest of our vampire accessories to make the ultimate blood-sucker costume for your kiddo this Halloween! Just keep an eye out for ole Van Helsing, that guy really dislikes vampires…

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