Child Royal Renaissance Costume


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The bells chime in deep intonations, alerting the common folk. They step outside their shoppes and look around with rapt attention. The noises quiet throughout the market, a seemingly impossible event. A miracle, even, given how many people are normally running around the hay-covered streets. Soon, a barker cries out that the carriage comes and that the people will soon be blessed to see the lovely royal family. Oh, the Renaissance was filled with the blossoming art and poetry that we’d never again see in our history, but little of it could compare with the sight of the demure and regal princess and her family.What other sights are to be seen? Wizard in regal and elegant robes? Prince gone merry-making with your loyal subjects? Prancing minstrel entertaining the locals? Merchants offering giant roasted legs of turkey and others raising up lovely jewelry in hopes that they’d gain the attention of the royal family. But, why face the ridicule of wearing 21st century footwear when you are traveling alongside Renaissance residents? You wouldn’t want to turn their adoration into fears of witchcraft!No, it is best to ensure that you are clad in lovely and period-appropriate garments, like this Child Royal Renaissance costume. This lovely one-piece pullover dress is styled as two gowns in one. First, a linen chemise of tan and gray. Over that, a lovely brocade blue and gold dress with wide, hanging sleeves, all lined in metallic gold accents. The headband matches with gold metallic ribbon ties. She can walk demure and proud in this elegant princess garb. Accessorize with any number of faux jewels or even a rapier for, as we know, no real princess goes anywhere without the ability to defend herself!

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