Child Rust T-Rex Costume


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Don’t get tricked by how adorable a T-Rex may look. They’re always on the lookout for their next meal! But even if your little one has got their eye on your snack, this Rust T-Rex Costume will still make them look like one pretty adorable dinosaur!The mighty Tyrannosaurs Rex, otherwise known as the King of the Tyrant Lizards, ruled the other dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period with its formidable size and massive jaws full of fearsome teeth. Even though the T-Rex may not have been the biggest, fastest, or strongest predator of all time, it has definitely become one of the most famous! If you need any more convincing, just look at little Rust T-Rex (or “Rusty Rex” if you want to use his nickname) and you’ll know right away that you’ll never forget that cute and crafty looking critter! Now, we’re no paleontologists (even though we’d totally love that job), but we’re pretty sure most T-Rexes were about twelve feet tall. So, Rusty Rex probably still has some growing to do before reaching his full size, which could help explain all of the snacking…Your little one will have a blast letting out their inner-dinosaur in this scary costume! Actually, this romper is really more soft and plush than scary, but they still might like showing off their felt claws on the mittens and foot covers, and the soft teeth that line the hood. And watch out if they let out an adorable little roar! That might mean they’ve spotted their next meal!

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