Child Smoldering Devil Costume

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Mischief! Who was the first person that came to mind when you read that word? Was it that little dude that hangs around your house, causes a ruckus, has a knack for trouble and eats all the snacks in your home? We’ve got the perfect costume for him!This Child Smoldering Devil Costume allows your child to live out all of his devilish mischief. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from dressing like a devil and causing some good old fashioned trouble with him! (We’re just saying, we can help you with that too…) It’s no secret that children love to play dress up so why not just give into their crazy antics and get them this costume! Your little one will have a such good time running around in this smoldering devil costume they may even be too tired to get into their usual trouble. Hey, we can dream right? The best part of this costume is the fact that it comes with a molded plastic mask so you don’t have to see your little one make faces and roll their eyes at you when you make your classic dad jokes. Heads up, this mask does require 2 AA batteries, sorry moms and dads the batteries aren’t included. So parents don’t be a fool, get this costume so your kid can be the coolest kid in school! See, we make dad jokes too!

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