Child Star Wars The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Faceplate


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Is your child getting a little sick of being the good guys? They always seem to have it a little too easy anyway in your opinion. They’re always running around, getting incredibly lucky and dodging out of the most dire of circumstances by some silly stroke of never-ending luck. Maybe it’s time for a new order. Maybe it’s time to bring about the First Order, and put the ideals of the empire back on the throne. Of course, ruling the galaxy isn’t exactly a cup of tea either. You don’t seem to get many friends, and your uniform just isn’t all that great either. Come on, a big black robe? Not our style. We want some sweet uniform armor to match the rest of our buddies in the platoon. For starters, just look at how awesome this mask is! Put this bad boy on and everybody will know that your little guy means business. It may bring their aim with a blaster down by about 75%, but when the squad rolls up like this, nobody’s going to bother to challenge you to a shoot out.

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