Child Swift the Sloth Costume


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On your mark, get set, go! Gooooooo as ssssssslowww as youuuuu caaaaann. If you thought that being speedy was a real challenge, then you may find more comfort in embracing your inner slowpoke. No need to rush, just sit back, relax, and watch the green grass grow. There’s no animal out there who embraces these ideals more than the three-toed sloth and you know what? It’s definitely our spirit animal too! If your little guy is a lot like us and moves at a sloth’s pace, then there is no costume more perfect than this Swift the sloth child costume. It’s great for little tykes who are unfazed by the fast-moving world around them; those who can relate more to the the sloths and snails of the world than the nimble gazelles. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Gift your child with this faux-fur jumpsuit with attached hood and watch them get into character, AKA watch them polish their slow-motion moves. They’ll feel right at home while they’re bundled up in the zip-up onesie with attached sloth-face hood, connected hand covers, and matching shoe covers. Of course, the sloth face has the lackadaisical grin associated with the lovable, yet dopey, tree-hugging creatures. Luckily, we sell adult sloth costumes too so you and your little slowpoke can do sloth-like activities together, like take naps, wake up and eat snacks, then take another nap! You’ll two will be living the dream!

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