Child Tigress Hoodie Costume


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Alert! Cats have absolutely taken over. They’re everywhere. They’ve virtually conquered the Internet and can be seen roaming the streets and filling people’s homes at dangerously increasing rates. Why, we just met a kindly lady the other day whose house had been invaded by sixteen cats! And two were pregnant! This is no longer a world where the debate of dog versus cats can even take place. The cats will hack the Internet dialogue and the polls will be overrun.There are very few options that we have left. When one invasive species comes to populate and dominate a region, all that can be done is to bring in an even greater species that can try to quell the population down. Unfortunately, cats just don’t seem to care! Their strong independence leaves them with the power to simply shrug and paw away with little more than a hiss. So, the Ministry of Educated Opulent Wunderkind has called for the Tigress Strikeforce. If nothing else, the cats will listen to a bigger cat!Your tyke has been conscripted into the force to aid with this most crucial of situations. The Child Tigress Hoodie is prepared and readied for deployment. This black and tiger-striped polyester velour pullover dress with dropped waist and black bodice has the perfect camouflage to help your kiddo to enter the feline domain and take command. When the hood is pulled over head, the transformation is complete with sewn-on ears, though a few tactical tail swipes from the stuffed velour tail won’t hurt! Flex the mighty paw appliqu├ęd gloves tight and show them kittens who is boss! (We just hope that your tyke won’t suddenly have a cat army at her heels!)

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