Child Tutu Leopard Costume


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How to dress the little lady who’s both wild and whimsical? Why, we thought you’d never ask! Anyone can stick a set of ears on their head and call themselves a cheetah, but this Child Tutu Leopard Costume claws its way to the top of the cuteness ladder! Your little one loves to dance just as much as she loves nature, so why should she have to choose which to side with this Halloween? After all, in life your sweetie is part big cat, part ballerina; no sooner is she done lithely twirling around, helping clear the dinner plates than she is pouncing on her little brother, roaring that he’s disturbed her in her den…or room. So why shouldn’t she have a costume that embodies the grace and the growls that make up her (and favorite animal’s) big personality? Just like the leopard itself, your daughter will look majestic and just a little sassy in the flared tutu skirt of this shift dress. And while the included leopard print arm and leg warmers will keep her cozy, it’s this costume’s plush cat ears and pin-on tail that will make her purr with delight. Just don’t try hiding her huge candy haul up a tree; leopards are known to be great climbers. And you wouldn’t want to see her baring those fangs at you first thing in the morning, would you?

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