Child’s Play 2 Chucky Adult Fabric Mask


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Wanna Play?For some reason, it seems that a lot of people have an odd fear of dolls. Everyone’s had that relative with that one room in their house that’s dedicated to a collection of creepy dolls. It was always the hardest room to feel comfortable in. It could have been the way their lifeless stare seems to gaze right into our souls. Or it could have been the feeling of being surrounded. But deep down we all know who is to blame for this irrational fear of children’s playthings. It all goes back to the infamous Chucky and the murderous path he led through the Child’s Play films!Give all your friends and coworkers a good scare this Halloween when you show up to the costume party wearing this Chucky Fabric Mask. With his smudged up face, bloody nose, and frightening blue eyes, it might be a bit difficult to find anybody that wants to play with you. However, don’t let that stop you from being the life of the party. Bring this classic horror movie villain to life for Halloween when you check out the rest of the Chucky-themed accessories. After all, what’s a killer doll without some killer accessories?

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