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How many chipmunk friends do you have? Unless you’re a cartoon princess in a movie( don’t we all wish), probably not many. Luckily that is about to change! Once your child wears this chipmunk costume, you can go around town boasting that you are friends with the cutest chipmunk on the block. Or you could just take your little one to a costume party in it, where he’ll be the most adorable thing around. I mean really, can you think of anything cuter than a toddler dressed in a chipmunk costume?This Chipper Chipmunk Costume is perfect for any little guy or girl and is sure to keep them looking adorable as ever and did we mention comfy? Our costume is made of the softest faux fur for a jumpsuit that is sure to keep them nice and cozy all night! Your little chipmunk will also come equipped with attached mitts and shoe covers as well the cutest headpiece that still shows that face you’ve fallen in love with. Oh and did we mention parents that this costume also has snaps along the legs of the jumpsuit for those important diaper changes. Parenting is hard but Halloween doesn’t have to be!Your neighbors and friends are sure to go nuts over your little guy or girl dressed up as a chipmunk, an already adorable animal. So parents, it’s time to live out those princess dreams and finally get that woodland creature best friend! Just try not to be chipper when you see your little one in this costume… we’re warning you, it’s impossible!

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