Chucky Costume for Kids


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You know the freckled face. You know the sinister giggle. You know the wild red hair. You know the jean overalls and the colorful long sleeve top. Yup, it’s Charles E. Ray… or should we say…Chucky! Dun-dun-dun. Yup you guessed it, it’s the foul-mouthed, knife-wielding Good Guy doll who is hell-bent on possessing Andy’s body. Despite Chucky’s callous disposition, he has a penchant for making distasteful jokes that can make an audience smirk with reluctance, so he’s basically a crazed plaything that is fun to watch on the big screen. Plus, his evil laugh is infectious. We could listen to it over and over! Call us crazy, but we kinda like Chucky so it’s not surprise that he’s your child’s favorite horror movie character. This child Chucky costume features the iconic overalls that Charles E. Ray wears in all of the movies. The overalls have functional buttons and elastic straps. A crew neck long sleeve shirt closes together via Hook and Loop fastener buttons in back. Finally, add a plastic mask to the order so your child can have the complete Good Guy doll look. Kids will enjoy striking a cheeky pose while dressed as the infamous doll who enjoys going on a murder spree or two.

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