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Uh oh! It seems that Gandalf has come under a terrible spell that shrinks great wizards down to size and de-ages them by decades. We assume it won’t get him down for too long, since he’s the guy who came back as Gandalf the White after perishing at the Battle of the Peak, of course. But in the meantime, he’ll still have to aid Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship gang in their epic quest to destroy the One Ring (it sure isn’t going to destroy itself!). The problem is, he’s got to look the part or no one will believe it’s really him. But we have the perfect solution, and one that’s going to be crucial to him completing his mission: the Child Classic Gandalf Costume!Woven of (and textured with) fine polyester fabric, the flowing wizard robes make quite the impression, and their color perfectly captures the noble yet understated style of Mr. Gandalf the Grey. The costume also includes the signature pointy hat (which is made of polyurethane foam, so it’ll keep its iconic shape all through the night), and a braided cord belt that has that authentic “rustic” look. However, Gandalf will still need his signature long gray locks and whiskers, and his trusty staff and sword (which is named Glamdring) as well, so be sure to check out our wide selection of wig and beard sets, and our Lord of the Rings accessories.Gandalf may be temporarily the size of the hobbits (he’ll grow up quick, though, so watch out), but they’ll have no trouble looking up to him when he wears this awesome Child Classic Gandalf Costume!

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