Classic Vampire Costume for Girls

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The choice to allow your vampire-in-training to stay out past dark might be too permissive, but allowing them to put their incoming fangs on display is a great idea. As a mom or dad to a maturing vamp, we urge you to encourage their growth and new scary changes. Fresh fangs are visible to all and reassuring her to show off her sharp new teeth is a great way to support her transformation and show that you’re not scared of what’s to come. Another way to give your vamp a boost of self-confidence is by gifting her with this girl’s classic vampire costume because she can get a feel for her inevitable final form. The complete costume gives soon-to-be-bloodsuckers a true Transylvanian makeover. They’ll get a taste of what it feels like to be a mature vampire. (They’ll get a taste for blood once they get much older!) This long crimson gown is essential to their vampire development because they’ll be able to get in touch with their spooky side. Once they’re wearing the costume featuring black lace, decorative buttons, puffy sleeves, ribbon ties, and attached broach she’ll feel inspired to fully embrace her vampire journey. Pretty soon you’ll be such a proud vampire mom or dad once she starts inviting guests over “for dinner” and sleeping upside down. Until then, gift her with this costume and keep feeding her tons of ice cream for those pesky incoming fangs!

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