Clifford the Big Red Dog Costume for Kids


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Does your kid love Clifford the Big Red Dog? It’s easy to love him, we’ve watched the tiniest puppy in the litter grow into the biggest doggy in the world. Like most gentle giants his giant spirit matches his humongous exterior. What kid wouldn’t want a giant pup that can put out apartment fires and rescue kittens from trees instead of the typical hound’s habit of chasing those cats up trees? Sure, you should be grateful that you don’t have to feed a giant pup like Clifford. How many jobs did he get fired from before he found one to keep himself fed? Your kid would really love to hang with that big red dog, though. Trips to the dog park would be so much fun, especially for the other dogs. Knowing Clifford he’d probably let them climb all over his body kind of like a soft and warm jungle gym. Since he’s so good at putting out fires we don’t know why the fire department wouldn’t chip into his food fund every so often. After all, not every dog knows how to use a fire hose! Whether your kid wants to dress up to save the day or see what happens when they cause some chaos with some wild tail wagging, they’ll love this costume. This costume is super cozy for chilly Halloween trick-or-treating. This jumpsuit is easy to slip on over a fitted layer of clothes with a front facing zipper. The paw mittens slip over your child’s hands and the big red paws cover your little one’s shoes. Your kid’s ensemble will look awesome when they slip on the sculpted hood with a big nose, big eyes, and floppy ears. Your child can show how happy this costume makes them when they shake their floppy red tail. Hey, your kiddo knows they can’t have a giant red dog like Clifford but they’ll be happy they can become that big red dog!

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