Clown Doll Mask


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There are really only two kinds of clowns out there. The ones that are trying to be funny and friendly around everyone but still look kind of creepy with all that makeup on their face and then the clowns that are entirely terrifying to anybody from a small child to a fully grown Navy Seal. There is absolutely no in between with these things and as people with PhDs in various fields of all things costume, we can confirm this. Can you guess which category this mask fits in? I’ll give you a hint, don’t wear this to a child’s birthday party, or any of our full-grown adult birthday parties. Once a beautiful porcelain doll face that some cursed little child got to and decided to give a bit of a makeover, this will be sure to strike a little bit of fear into anyone this Halloween. Just don’t look in any mirrors when you have it on, it’s not cursed or anything so the mask won’t be permanently stuck to you or anything, you’ll just probably really scare yourself.

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