Colonial General Kids Costume


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We get all kinds of kids here. Some little ones are truly taken by superheroes. Some kids latch onto cartoons. Some children are mesmerized by movie stars. And some little ones are literal animal encyclopedias. But not your kid, no; your kid knows his history!Perfect! He is actually not alone. In fact, a lot of little kids get curious and caught up in the tall tales of our forefathers and the founding of America. It is a pretty good story if you go back and revisit your elementary school history books. So, if your son (or daughter!) wants to re-enact George Washington crossing the Delaware River (because what child doesn’t, really?) then this Child Colonial General Costume will prove better than ideal…it will seem simply magical to him! See, for your kid, colonial generals were basically superheroes, and their outfits seem like a cool uniform with special powers. What a cute little guy. He will look even smarter in the navy blue poplin jacket , white pants, and black felt hat of this costume. The red epaulets give this ensemble a super serious appeal, and the way you have helped him style it with added shoe buckles and a toy sword complete his historical look. And we must admit, this does explain why he’s insisted on writing all of his school work with a quill and ink pot, lately.

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