Cow Kigurumi for Kids Costume


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Moo. Moo moo moo. Moo?Okay, so maybe you don’t speak cow. And maybe your little guy or gal doesn’t either. But let us give you the skinny on what we’re talking about here. It’s a little bit pajamas. And a little bit costume. And a whole lotta fun!Of course, we’re talking about this Cow Kigurumi set for kids. And if you’re not Kigurumi savvy, let’s get you up to speed real quick. These pj’s originate from Japan, where they first started as simple upgrade to standard pajamas. But with the fun animal themes they feature, folks started to want to wear them all day long.And wear them all day is what they did. Sometimes under their everyday clothes, and sometimes just to shake things up and wear a costume instead of regular clothes! Kigurumis became a hit in Japan and began to take hold worldwide too. And when you throw some spots on a Kigurumi… well, they’re a serious moooooooo!These kid’s pajamas are a simple way to get your boy or girl into the Kigurumi game. Whether they’d like a fun set for sleepwear, or you’d just like to get them an easy costume solution, we’re sure they’ll love moooing around in these delightful Kigurumis. With sizes for kids and adults, you could even have some cow themed fun by getting your entire family into one. And if you did that, we think cows everywhere would be very, very proud. Moo!

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