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TALK ABOUT UNIQUE!Every single one of the Care Bears are their own, unique individuals. With the widest assortment of personalities and even a handful of specialized abilities, they are a lovely tapestry of rarities. That’s especially true once you get the Care Bear Cousins involved. Now, you’ve got lions and elephants and raccoons, a dog, a cat. Why, the Cousins were a total game-changer when it came to character innovations! But, among all of them, there is only one character that breaks the mold completely. Cozy Heart Penguin is a mystery that leaves us wondering if there is a third group of the Care Critters somewhere in the world. Why? Well, she’s the only one in the whole group that isn’t a mammal! This penguin from the frozen waters loves to swim around in the chilly lakes and use her bright beam to make everyone else just as comfortable as she is! What could be sweeter than that!? DESIGN & DETAILSShow your own kiddo that they are just as unique as Cozy Heart Penguin when you give them this officially licensed Care Bears costume. This is a custom fur jumpsuit crafted by our own in-house designers that will keep your tyke as comfy as Cozy Heart Penguin could hope for and looking cute as can be thanks to the lavender color. The belly features the iconic white patch with the character’s beanie and heart belly badge. The foot covers are unique to our other Care Bear line because they have bright yellow flippers! All you’ll need to do after getting this costume is get ready for cuddles.INSTANT COMFORTThere aren’t many things in the world that can assure total comfy fun. But, when Cozy Heart Penguin is involved, you know that things are going to be way better in no time. Feel the smile spread on both of your faces when you let your little one become the rarest of all Care Bears with this adorable look.

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