Cozy Monarch Costume Butterfly for Women

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Caught the Travel BugYou just returned from the trip of a lifetime. You bought an around-the-globe ticket and took off for a year of travel and adventure, ready to spread your wings and see the world! Wow! in addition to being incredibly envious, we are also in awe of your incomparable spirit for adventure. Your epic journey makes us think of one of our favorite animals, the monarch butterfly. These tiny creatures take on one of the most incredible migrations in the animal world, and they do so while looking stunning (a trait you share). Dressing up like a beautiful butterfly for Halloween would surely be an enticing nod to your recent travels, and show that you have come back totally transformed! This Women’s Cozy Monarch Costume is the perfect look for your big debut back home—wear it to your pal’s costume party and show everyone just how well your travels treated you.Design & DetailsOur talented design studio was able to craft a costume that’s both eye-catching and cozy! This stunning look gets its wearability from its cuddly, zippered black tunic dress. It has an attached hood with antennae, and orange and black monarch wings are attached to the sleeve & side seams. This look is exclusive and Made by Us to suit your desire to spread your wings and fly. When worn over your own favorite black legwear and shoes, this costume ensures folks recognize you as the rare and welcomed sight you are! Reigning MonarchYou’ll likely take command of the party conversation once you start regaling guests with tales of your travels. Everyone in the room will migrate toward your stories of faraway lands, new and interesting foods, and your most daring travel moments. Soak up your time in the spotlight then flit away to find a new crew to chat with. They don’t call it being a “social butterfly” for nothing!

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