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Costume KoalaficationsLast year you dressed all in grey, added some oversized ears to the top of your head, and even carried around a plastic branch with green leaves on it. Every costume party you walked into asked if you were a mouse. You’d gesture to the branch and explain why you had it. You’d even tell the questioning guests that if you were a mouse, you’d have a long, skinny tail too. But no one seemed to believe you when you said you were dressed as a koala.Never one to give up on a good costume idea, you’ve decided to go for it again this year. You’ve already been invited to a few costume parties and you’re determined to wear an ensemble that clearly states you are a koala. You’ll need something that makes you look extra cuddly. Maybe something that is as cute and cozy as a real koala; something simple but identifiable.Product DetailsThis Koala Costume fits that bill! Last year, you wore grey from head to toe, but koalas aren’t tall. Capture their short frame in this shorts-style romper. Your ears were too big last year as well, but on the hood of this costume you’ll have the right of ear-to-head ratio—no one will mistake these koala-sized ears for a mouse’s. When you tuck your hands into the pockets, they’ll take on the look of a koala’s little, clawed paws ready to climb the nearest eucalyptus tree or remind your fellow party guests how fierce a koala can be.Koalaty ExcusesWe don’t see how someone could misinterpret your Koala Costume for anything else, but just in case, keep these 2 important koala facts ready for use. Koalas only spend about 15 minutes being social each day, so casually check the time if someone is being rude and excuse your koala self. If someone asks why you’re leaving, let them know that, as a koala, you need 20 hours of sleep (or more) a day and you’re off to enjoy a nap in your cozy koala romper.

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