Daddy’s Little Monster Costume

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Hey, you there. Are you known amongst your crew to be quite vexing? Don’t just sit around rotting in your jail cell. Sign up for a life of big adventure when you bust out and go all out in this Daddy’s Little Monster Costume. With this scintillating look, we are sure you will be just the person needed to help save the day. But the question remains: even if you are fighting for the good side this time…just what kind of mischief will you get yourself into now? Will you defeat some kind of supernatural enemy? Or will you just go along for the ride in the hopes of scoring some extra bling? Find out when you go out in this top notch harlequin styled costume You won’t need Mr. J to help you run the show when you pick up this costume (but if he shows up to help bust you out afterwards we wouldn’t complain!). Styled as a romper along with a belt and necklace, the alluring one-piece has a glittery sequined finish that is sure to stop your opponent dead in his tracks. The halter style top adds a fetching touch that is sure to let everyone know that you’re 100% without a doubt the baddest member of your squad. Grab a pair of nylons and a perfect wig (sold separately) and wear with this costume’s coordinating studded belt and neck-piece, you won’t have any trouble playing rough… just be sure to remember to bring your baseball bat!

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