Dalmatian Child Tights


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Spotted Around Town Like her favorite dogs, Dalmatians, your kid is pretty adaptable. Loyal, hard-working, and full of energy, she’s practically a little Dalmatian herself! So, whether she wants to wear these Child Dalmatian Tights for a movie-themed costume accessory or she simply wants to don them beneath her favorite dress, these tights will tickle her fancy to no end! Your kid is also highly social (Dalmatian trait), smart (yup, that too!), and outgoing (you betcha), so this pair will help highlight her best qualities! We’re not sure how she’d do on a firetruck, but with her personality and drive to help, we bet she’d be just fine. Pick her up this pair and watch her jump and yelp with joy! Design & Details This pair of pantyhose boasts a basic white base with black irregular spots, making it appear as a Dalmatian coat. She can pull these on as part of an elaborate costume, or she may want to make them a part of her school week rotation. Bonus: this pair does NOT shed! Ruff n’ Tumble Of course, with all that energy, she’s going to want to get out and play hard sometimes. No worries! Pick up a few sets of these sleek tights and she can chase, play, run, and even just lie in the grass whenever she feels like it!

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