Darling Ref Costume for Girls

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You don’t know how but somewhere along the way your little one learned to call the shots. Come to think of it, it probably happened when she was still in her high chair. She played that same amusing game that all babies play. It doesn’t have an official title so for our purposes, we’ll call it “Baby drops the cup, you pick it up”. This sport doesn’t have any followers, no one watches it on ESPN but your little one thought it was the best game out there. The fun was far from over after that game went into retirement. It was time for your little one to take her new role in this game called life. It was time for her to call the shots. Most referees use whistles and hand signals to get their point across. Your little one with her high voice has no need for a whistle. People can usually pick up what she’s putting down without being asked twice. Now you know about a couple moves that can get you some time on the bench. Picking up Mr. Bear without permission is out of bounds. Putting peas in perfectly good macaroni and cheese can get you disqualified. After years of calling the shots, it’s about time your little one got a costume that fits her persona. This one-piece dress is styled as a classic Ref shirt with a sparkly sequin twist over an adorable skirt with layers of sparkly black tulle with pink ribbon edging. Pair it with some cleats to make this sporty look complete. With this cool and sparkly outfit, your little one might even overlook that broccoli foul ball you tried to pull off this week!

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