Davy Crockett Costume for Men


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King of the Wild FrontierAre you ready to head into the wild west? As long as you steer clear of the most dangerous and unpredictable beasts in this unchartered region, you should be fine. What’s that beast? Mankind of course! They’re a tricky kind of animal. The other animals are easier to get along with. Lions, tigers, bears… Davey had it all under control. Fighting a cougar is no problem at all. No tricks, no deceptions. Give him a penknife and cougars better beware! Davey even killed a bear when he was three. Sad, but we’re sure the bear deserved it. It probably stole one too many picnic baskets. Those were a valuable asset back in the day! And sure, if you really push him he’ll deal with the most dangerous animal out there. He actually took his buckskins to Congress to serve a spell “fixin’ up the Government and laws”. No wonder he was crowned king of the wild frontier, this man’s got skills!Product Details & DesignEmbrace the old West with this wild Made by Us costume. The top has a faux suede with fringe around the square collar around the chest. The sleeves and the hem are also trimmed with thick fringe. This costume also features deep brown pants, a red scarf, and a faux fur raccoon skin cap. So you can be sure you’ll look the part when you answer the call of the wild!Happy TrailsAre you ready to have a wild adventure? We’re excited for you! Prepare for whatever is ahead by browsing through our accessory selections. From a prop shotgun to sturdy boots you’ll find everything you need for the frontier. Maybe you can even convince a partner to come along as a bear so you two can reenact one of your famous wilderness struggles. After all, there’s nothing like seeing a legend in action!

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