Dawn of Justice Child Affordable Armored Batman Mask


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Not everyone can have Wayne Enterprises foot the bill for their crime fighting career. Sure, it’s easy for Bruce Wayne, but the average kid just trying to be Gotham City’s greatest superhero, well, it’s a lot harder than that. You could send your kid off to get a full-time job, so he can afford to equip him with the latest battle armor needed to fight against super villains, but we have a much better option for him. It’s this Batman mask for kids!This Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Mask is an affordable option for all the young superheroes of the world who don’t have billions of dollars to spend on superhero gear. The costume accessory is based on the Batman v Superman movie and has a high level of painted details, so your child will look ready to capture any loose villain in your city. Your child might even feel ready to take on Superman after adding this awesome accessory to his superhero arsenal.

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