Day of the Dead Costume for Girls


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To people all over the world, Day of the Dead is a beautiful celebration of the lives of family members and ancestors that have moved on. Though people are remembering people that are no longer with them this holiday is all about celebrating their lives with colorful flowers, candles, sweet bread, and the favorite foods of the deceased.Though the Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout the world from The Czech Republic to the Philippines, it’s most associated with Mexico. In Mexico the celebration lasts for three days, its origins coming from thousands of years ago, long before the Spaniards came along. It’s celebrated with altars covered in pictures of the deceased, candles, and golden marigolds, thought to attract the souls to the offerings. People leave offerings such as beautifully painted skulls, candy, and sweet breads known as “bread of the dead”. People then gather around the altar to pray and tell stories about the deceased. Only happy stories, as it’s believed that during the celebration the person’s soul will return to eat the food and visit with the family.Maybe your little one is about to take part in her first Día De Los Muertos celebration or maybe she’s ready to don that sugar skull makeup for Halloween, either way this Day of the Dead costume is at once pretty and traditional. The satin bodice is printed with floral bones. She’ll love the lace sleeves and red overlays on the skirt. To make the look complete the hem is printed with skulls and flowers. Whether she’s simply dressing up for fun or she’s participating in a parade or play she’s sure to love the look and any visiting souls are sure to be pretty impressed as well.

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