Day of the Dead Dancing Skeletons Child Halloween Sweater

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Season’s Creepings!Does your kiddo beg to wear their costume to school as soon as you get it in the mail? Do they have their Jack-O-Lantern’s face planned out weeks before you guys visit the pumpkin patch? Waiting for Halloween to come around can take a lot of patience. In the meantime, your child can start rocking this sweater as soon as the first chill hits the air. While it might not be time for the big event, the adorable bones and happy skulls in this pattern are sure to hit the spot for kids that crave all that’s creepy. There’s a lot to do when fall comes around! Kids have to focus on spelling tests and math problems. But once homework is done there’s so much fun to be had. There are colorful leaves to collect, pumpkins to carve, cookies to decorate. There are even in class projects to master. This colorful sweater might inspire the best haunted house drawing their teacher has ever seen. The retro style is funky enough that it can be worn in all sorts of ways and never look stale. The unique layers of bones and skeletons were put together by our in-house designers so you won’t see this look in your local department store. Whether your child loves tutus or torn jeans, if they love Halloween, they’ll want to wear this sweater all season long!

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