Day of the Dead Mask for Women


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An Element of EnigmaThe mascarade has a mysterious history. It was a way for nobles in the past to hide their identity and let loose in a way they weren’t allowed to when they were in plain clothes. The same theory applies on the Day of the Dead. Perhaps, if everyone in the crowd is wearing sugar skull makeup and masks, our dearly departed might be able to move among us freely. While you might not want to meet a ghost alone in your house, knowing that your wild great aunt Hilda might be dancing along with you in the same crowd you’re dancing in is a pretty cool concept!Product DetailsThis colorful Day of the Dead mask only covers half of your face, leaving the rest to express yourself and take in refreshments. Streaming ribbons and roses trim the sides of this mask. The mask is printed with a colorful floral pattern and has sequins that trim the mask as well as the eyes. An elastic band fixes around your head, keeping you comfortable and your mask in place. Gather GlamorouslyAre you ready to join Day of the Dead celebrations this year? Match this mask with any of our Day of the Dead costumes and you’ll feel so much closer to those who’ve passed beyond the veil!

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