DC Super Hero Girls Roleplay Batgirl Mask

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The Next Hero of Gotham Rumors are always going around about a masked hero in a glorious cape that leaps through the streets of Gotham with heroics on their mind. Now, most jump right to Batman. Sure, he knows what he’s doing. But, why make everything about being spooky and startling? The true hero is the younger one. More energy. More attitude. And, we have to say, her fashion style puts old Batsy to shame! Product DetailsLet your youngster bring the energetic Batgirl of DC Super Hero Girls to life with this Kid’s Batgirl Mask. The plastic mask has an adjustable strap for easy fitting and is designed to look just like the animated character. Better yet, toss in a few batteries and the eyes light up and the mask issues sounds to bring the action to life! A Degree in HeroismSure, Batman and Robin are pretty great. But, did they go to school to become epic heroes? We don’t think so! Circus flips and a billionaire’s allowance only gets you so far. But, when your kiddo dons the mask of Batgirl from DC Super Hero Girls, they’re sure to channel the gumption to ace all the hero tests at Hero High!

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