DC Superhero Girls Katana Deluxe Costume


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Forget ninjas, because Katana is the ultimate martial artist!Ninjas may be stealthy, sneaky, and agile but there’s no way ninjas are as fierce as the DC superhero, Katana. Sure, ninjas carry nunchucks and even Chinese throwing stars, but Katana wields a more deadly weapon that instantly makes her enemies cower in fear. Her sword traps the souls of her defeated enemies inside of it, like an eternal purgatory, so it’s no wonder why she’s feared by all!Of course, we all wonder how this strong female character came to be, and for that we can look no further than the DC Superhero Girls franchise. It features a teenage Katana who is already fearless and uber funky, and she’s ready to combat crime. If your girl is a big fan, well, get her this costume, and she’ll be ready to be fearless just like Katana, too!This DC Superhero Girls Katana deluxe costume is an officially licensed costume that will turn young comic book lovers into the popular animated character. This complete costume comes with a printed tunic top that is designed to look like Katana’s costume. The shoulder pads will give her a tough girl look, while the elastic waistband pants will allow her to move comfortably while she’s striking a threatening pose. Finally, the face mask is adjustable and stretchy, too, so she’ll have the perfect style for play time.

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