Debonair Devil Costume For Men


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Filled to the BrimstoneDevils are known for their persuasive qualities. They’re always aiming to find new residents for their smokey estate. The problem is, all their success is catching up with them. Hell is simply full up, no vacancies. They’ve remodeled and expanded as much as possible. The entire core of the earth is so full of poor, punished souls that the surface is in danger of cracking. Why else would there be volcanic eruptions, right? Now the devils are out on the town, looking for places to release tormented soul on probation (aka ghosts). No more tricking people with golden fiddles. No more convincing people into a life of sin. Nope, these dapper devils are in desperate search of real estate. Whoever thought it would come to this?Details & DesignLooking to make an evil first impression? You’ll look every inch the sophisticated representative of hell in this Made by Us debonair devil costume. It features a velour waistcoat and overcoat with lovely details throughout. The double-buttoned waistcoat has a satin collar that matches the overcoat’s flames, tail, and collar. The overcoat has wide cuffs and a classic devilish upturned collar. The detail in back gives a whole new meaning to a coat with “tails”. The whole look is topped off with horns. Why? Because this dapper devil respects tradition!Elevator PitchforkIt’s hard to blend in as a devil these days so why even try? Embrace your new devilish appearance with one of our pitchforks and facial hair that says, “don’t make me tempt you”. Then as soon as people see you, you won’t need to convince them that you’re sent from hell, they’ll know! Want to mix it up with a group costume? We have plenty of angels and demons in all sizes, styles, and age ranges. Who says collecting souls can’t be a family business?

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