Deckhand Sailor Costume for Boys


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Travel LogWe’ve been sailing the Pacific on the S.S. Ottoman for a fortnight with good weather, looking for the mysterious Cookie Island. Today a crew member reported that he saw a creeping giant squid tentacle slither onto the deck and steal a barrel of apples. The barrel was, indeed missing but no further evidence of the thieving creature has been spotted. The crew is on high-alert. Many ships never return from this forlorn corner of the Pacific. Yet, the stories of sweet Cookie Island are enough to propel us through these troubled waters. We’re close. Everyone can smell the scent of the vanilla trees on the air. The crew of the SS Ottoman has been all over the world, a measly giant squid can’t stop us from reaching our destination!Details & Design Is there any costume that speaks to adventure as well as a sailor suit? Classic whites make your kiddo appear in ship-shape condition for their next costumed event. The uniform features neat white pants with an elastic band and a shirt trimmed in nautical stripes and topped off with a sailor collar. This costume is topped off with a jaunty sailor cap, making your kiddo seem adventure-ready!So Much To SeaDoes your child have an imagination that roams the world? Are they drawn to atlases and maps? Tracing the lines of currents and country boundaries can be a passport to an imaginative place for some kids as they let their minds drift from the hot sands of the Sahara to the Himalayan peaks. While your child might be a little young to travel on their own, taking on the well-traveled role of sailor will make your kiddo feel that much closer to their imaginings. Now all they need to do is lift anchor and take off on your living room ottoman. The far horizon is closer than ever before, this Halloween!

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