Deep Sea Diver Costume in Men’s Plus Size 2X


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It’s a fun thought diving deep, deep deep down to the bottom of the sea. We can’t imagine what it’d really be like. But we do know one thing about the journey that we’re pretty sure about. You wouldn’t want to go down there without the right gear! And that’s why you most assuredly need to outfit yourself for your expedition with this Deep Sea Diver plus size costume. It’s ready for your mission and ready to help you explore the depths of the (imaginary) sea!Yeah, it’s true, this costume won’t actually have you prepped for a deep sea excursion, but with incredible detail, it will sure have you feeling like you could. Styled like just like a vintage deep sea diver outfit, this jumpsuit costume comes with the signature helmet, as well as a belt, gloves, and boot covers for the full effect. Team up with your lady friend as a mermaid for a great couple’s costume, or go as an underwater explorer who’s looking for treasure on the ocean floor. Or whatever other kind of theme you can think of!The easy to wear canvas jumpsuit and fabric helmet is just the kind of deep diving style that will make this Halloween extra interesting. It’s a exclusive, made and designed by us, and while our crew has yet to explore the great depths of the sea, we’re really excited for you to give it a go. Just pick up this plus size costume, and get ready for the adventure!

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