Delightful Dalmatian Adult Costume


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Dogtown, USAAre you ready to take a trip? A trip that’ll change your life? We’re psyched to announce that Dogtown, USA is opening its gates to the public. Don’t try and tell Fido to heal in this city, unless you’re sending them a get well card because in this beautiful city, canines run the joint. They do tend to stick to their stereotypical roles. The police force is made primarily of German Shepherds, Mimi the French Poodle runs the grooming salon, and the behavior school is taught by a patient well-behaved Golden Retriever.It’s not a surprise that Dalamations run the fire department. Although, because of a lack of opposable thumbs in this city, you don’t see many fires. The Dalmations mostly focus on installing more and more fire hydrants on every block. The city council’s budget for more of those little red, shiny pee poles grows every year. This makes the Dalmations the… well, the top dogs in town. So, it’s no wonder that our Dalmation costumes are the number one pick for anyone who is visiting Dogtown, USA this year! Details & DesignIt’s never been simpler to become a spotted pooch with this jumpsuit that’s Made by Us, meaning the high quality will last through all sorts of antics. The suit zips up the front and is topped with a collar around the hood’s neck. The jumpsuit is backed with a long, floppy tail. And of course, the look is topped with a hood bearing sweet black ears. A Wave and a WagAre you ready to get down with your inner pooch? It’s easy, all you really need is to let your friendly side free! We have pup jumpsuits in all sorts of sizes. We even have different kinds of dog costumes in case you and yours want to let a whole batch of pound puppies loose. Turns out dog days are a whole lot of fun!

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