Deluxe Child Dawn of Justice Superman Costume


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Does your little kiddo look up to a certain Kryptonian? Does he dream of saving the world from peril and becoming a hero celebrated around the world? Well, one thing we know about superheroes is that they all wear their awesome costumes and then BOOM they’re ready to kick some bad guy butt! So if your little one is hoping to start his own career as a superhero, we have just what he needs! Check out this Deluxe Child Dawn of Justice Superman Costume, it will have your youngster looking exactly like his favorite hero in the DC universe.Once your tyke is suited up in this amazing one-piece he’ll look ready to take on any villain that dares to threaten the safety of the Earth. This jumpsuit even has foam-sculpted muscles, so your child will look as ripped as a comic book drawing. Now your kiddo may not have super strength, heat vision, or the ability to fly in order to fight off the villains he faces, but that’s fine. With his Superman-like confidence and this awesome costume, no bad guys will want to stick around too long. They already know what the actual Superman is capable of and they won’t want to see what his prodigy-trainee can do!Have this Halloween be your little one’s heroic debut and let him run all around town in this amazing Deluxe Child Dawn of Justice Superman Costume. He’s sure to have the time of his life with this awesome outfit on! Oh, and just because a lot of vegetables are green don’t let your kiddo tell you he can’t have them… they’re healthy, not kryptonite.

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