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Enter the Gamerverse? We cannot say it enough. We love Spider-Man! It’s obvious. We’ve got the Spider-Man we all know and love. We have no less than four different movie universes. We’ve got the Spider-verse that even managed to unite a ton of them together in an amazing new tale. We’ve got comic books that just keep stacking on top of each other, introducing more and more stories and version of our friendly neighborhood superhero. And, of course, we have the video games. If you or your kiddo have enjoyed thwiping webs all over the city and exploring the heights and depths of the world while swinging from place to place, how could any Spider-Man be better than the newly improved Gamerverse Spider-Man!? Not only does this Spider-Man get a ton of costume changes, but it is the rare time that one of us gets to get right into the thick of the fun and know what having that Spidey sense is really like… (you know, if you’ve got the button-mashing skills to dodge the incoming trains, bullets, and other mayhem, of course). Product DetailsWhether your kiddo has earned all the achievements available in the Spider-Man video games or not, they’ll love bringing the adventure into the real world with this officially licensed costume featuring Spider-Man’s look from the Gamerverse. This is a quality jumpsuit that has fiberfill stuffing to bolster your tyke’s muscles. Top things off with a hood and boot covers to make the costume complete from head to toe. The hood has mesh over the eyes for limited vision while maintaining the authentic look. One More for the Spiderverse!We’ve seen what happens when Peter and Miles unite with Gwen, Peni, and the rest. Now, it is time for yet another world’s Spider-Man to join the team with your tyke in this Gamerverse Spider-Man costume!

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