Deluxe Groot Costume for Boys

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Sure, Peter the “Star-Lord” might be the main character of Guardians of The Galaxy but we all know who the fan favorite is, right? Little twig or mighty tree, Groot’s got everything you could look for in a superhero, except a large vocabulary. But despite that we know he’s loyal to the rest of the Guardians, you know what they say about actions and words.Your kid has probably told you everything there is to know about this alien entity. About how Groot is the last of the humanoid tree race called Flora Colossi and can absorb knowledge by photosynthesis, something all of us could have used in high school. You’ve probably witnessed Groot’s amazing ability to regenerate as long as a twig is left. When your kiddo dresses up as the amazing Groot he’ll slow down with the Groot facts and likely speak only one phrase no matter what you say. So when you ask him, “Do you want some broccoli before we go trick-or-treating?” and he responds with, “I am Groot” assume that’s a hearty “Yes!”.Let’s get down to hard wood here (that’s something people say, right?) this Groot costume includes a bark patterned jumpsuit with boot cover and a cool bark mask. We aren’t promising this but your child just might develop some great dance moves as soon as he puts the outfit on. The Flora Colossi spirit tends to inspire a sense of rhythm. Just understand that you’re going to have to interpret for your Flora Colossi this Halloween, instead of “trick-or-treat” he’ll have to say, “I am Groot”.

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