Deluxe Harry Potter Costume for Kids


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You would certainly be branding yourself “Muggle Extraordinaire” by missing out on the opportunity to turn your boy into the most loved wizard of all time: Harry Potter. And you don’t want to be that? Do you? We’re willing to bet you 25 sickles and 5 knuts that you, indeed, do not.Maybe your kid can’t apparate, but why not send him the message that he’s bound for greatness, just like Harry Potter, aka, “the boy who lived?” Luckily, your little guy doesn’t have to spend most of his early years living under a staircase in his uncle and aunt’s house just to earn his wizarding robes! No, he can easily become the envy of everyone on the Quidditch pitch by slipping into this Child Deluxe Harry Potter Costume. He can, perhaps, get his pals to dress up like Ron and Hermione and help him fight evil, or he can fly his Nimbus 2001 solo. However you transfigure it, you’re a hero.He’ll love the red lining and magical feeling of this black hood and authentic Hogwarts robes and their accompanying Gryffindor crest. Add black specs, a broom prop, and a wand (remember: the wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around) and he’ll be ready to cast a spell that will have everyone who sees him saying, “Yer a wizard, Harry, and a thumpin’ good one I’d wager.”

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