Deluxe Kansas Girl Costume Wig


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It looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore! Oh, gosh we must have gotten blown away by a big tornado again! At least the good witch gave us a pretty pair of shoes to wear for the journey home.What a whirlwind of adventure. If you don’t have time to brush your hair after the storm just throw on this Deluxe Kansas Girl Costume Wig. Spruce up your Dorothy costume, or just bring out your inner farm girl. Pigtails and a smile go great together, just add some sparkly shoes, ask the good witch about them, she’ll hook you up. And don’t forget that classic plaid dress, nothing else looks so classic in a field full of poppies. So, get ready for your adventure to see the wizard, or to a fun costume party, either way you’d better skiip there. Make sure not to forget your little dog when the wind picks back up!

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