Deluxe Latex Alien Mask


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If you want to be one of the most terrifying things ever dreamt up then we have just what you need. Grab this Deluxe Latex Alien Mask and you’ll be ready to run rampant around town this Halloween. You can finally have the horrifying head of one of the infamous Xenomorphs sitting atop your shoulders. You’ll be sure to get plenty of scares from all of your human friends. They’ll think one of those darn face-huggers hugged your mug and that the vial creature they see before them broke out of your chest!The amount of detail put into this officially licensed is breathtaking. By that we mean, most people are so frightened when someone in this mask pops out they usually leave others gasping for air out of fear. Have a friend of yours grab one of our Deluxe Predator masks and the two of you can enjoy the ultimate Battle Royale this Halloween!

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