Deluxe Latex Chewbacca Mask


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No one likes flying solo, not even an expert smuggler or a rebel army commander, like the great Han Solo! He always had his best and most loyal friend Chewbacca right by his side through every adventure. If you wanna be everyone’s favorite eight foot, hairy co-pilot well now’s your chance. Get your hands on this Star Wars Deluxe Latex Chewbacca Mask and you’ll look just like the galaxy’s most famous Wookie! From the neck up that is…If you really want to complete this heroic look then you’ll probably need to add a few feet to your height! Also, you may want to begin sprouting hair out of just about everywhere on your body. Of course, you could also just shop around a bit more for an authentic Chewy body-suit. Once you find the perfect one, toss on this Chewbacca Mask and you’ll be ready to take on the responsibilities as second in command aboard the Millennium Falcon or even just help co-pilot your buddies Honda. Either way, you’ll be the ultimate sidekick when you start your Chewy Costume with this deluxe latex mask!

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