Deluxe Shimmer and Shine Women’s Shimmer Costume


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Genies GaloreYour toddler’s favorite obsession is the preschool show Shimmer and Shine. Your little one has been transported to Zahramay Falls every day for months with the two young genies and their friend Leah. Every night they report to you about the fun they’ve had with the adventurous characters. Making friends with magical foxes, monkeys, and tiger cubs is just the tip of the iceberg. Genies of every possible magical skill have helped your little one problem solve. They’ve learned the difference between right and wrong and the value of teamwork while they stop the no-good sorceress Zeta from dethroning Princess Samira.It’s gotten to the point where you are jealous of the stories your little one always shares. You want to experience the magic and fun for yourself. So, when they came to you and asked if they could be Shine for Halloween you agreed—on the condition that you could be Shimmer and accompany your toddler on their next thrilling adventure in Zahramay Falls.Product DetailsWhen you’re heading to Zahramay Falls you’ll need an outfit that helps you blend in. The magical folk there aren’t used to seeing humans stroll the streets, so make sure you’re looking like a real genie before you head out with your little one for some Zahramay trick-or-treating. This Deluxe Shimmer Costume will have you outfitted in Shimmer’s signature purple and glitter ensemble. A satin top with sparkling velour bottoms and golden details make this genie jumpsuit look as magical as the real Shimmer’s. Decorated with soft bangles and a hot pink pony-tail you’ll be ready to grant a few wishes of your own.Wish GrantedJoin your little one on their next journey to Zahramay Falls with this Deluxe Shimmer Costume for adults. You’ll have everything you need to match their Shine and grant their wishes for a magical Halloween.

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