Deluxe Star Wars The Force Awakens Finn Costume

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“Oh that FN-2187! You can’t help but love the guy. He’s such a devoted friend, a fierce fighter, and the best stormtrooper around! Where is that guy anyway? … Hmmm… Not at his post. Well that’s odd. We thought for sure FN-2187 would be right here since he’s such a good stormtroop- Oh no! What if he’s been kidnapped? After all his years of faithful service, how terrible. Unless… You don’t think he left on purpose do you? Well, now that we think of it, he was kind of acting odd after that last mission. He’ll probably start calling himself Finn or something, right? Like he thinks that’s so cool. Good riddance, the traitor! We knew this would happen. We’ve always disliked that Finn character. What a no good stormtrooper. His blaster was never clean either! We’re so relieved he’s gone. Now come on, let’s go cause some trouble on Jakku.”Boy, life is pretty crazy for Finn, huh? In basically a day he goes from being a devoted stormtrooper to a freaked out stormtrooper, to an escapee from the First Order, to best friends with Poe Dameron, to meeting up with a very cool little droid and a very fierce and talented girl (BB-8 and Rey, respectively) and joining a resistance he very much wanted nothing to do with! And for some reason, people keep trying to take him to Jakku. It’s not to drive a guy nuts. Well… most guys. Fortunately, Finn is different. He’s got courage and he fights for what’s right. Which is why he does the most crazy thing of trying to take down Kylo Ren with an ancient energy weapon he has literally no idea how to use! That takes some serious guts. He might not have the force like all those fancy Jedi, but Finn’s got it where it counts!

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