Devilish Diva Costume for Girls


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Underworld TourGreat news! Your daughter’s rockin’ girl band has been asked to headline their first major gig…the school’s Halloween night dance! That sounds like our kind of concert. But the group is quickly realizing that they can’t just perform on All Hallows Eve in their usual wardrobe of denim, tees, and leggings. No, they need a look that will make an impression and put their name on the map—or at least have them trending on the school’s social media circuit!Might we suggest a set of these Girl’s Devilish Diva Costumes? They are perfect for Halloween—who doesn’t love a classic devil costume? Plus, the red hue is totally riveting on stage; it’ll be impossible not to pay attention to their killer stage presence. This outfit is easy to move around in, feminine, edgy, and all around eye-catching! A girl group of these little she-devils would inspire us to sign them instantly for their first world tour!Design & DetailsCan’t you just see her picking her bass in this flashy look? This exclusive costume comes with the red dress, matching coat, and horn headband for a complete look. The tailored jacket is short in the front, with two types of “tails” in the back—tradional suit tails and the cute attached devil tail! She’ll need to accessorize with appropriate makeup (we suggest black or red lipstick), accessories (fishnets work well!), and footwear (the tougher-looking, the better!), but otherwise, she’s ready to rock! Encore!We have a really good feeling about your girl’s first gig in this outfit. Not only will the group make its mark with its original sound, but the girls will be revered as the fiery group who rocked out Halloween the right way! Who knows? This may just become their regular performance look, that’s how much they’ll love wearing it on stage!

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