Disney Moana Deluxe Child Wig


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Moana has been called to explore the ocean since she was just toddling. While she was playing in the waves she finds the heart of Te Fiti, a call for her to explore the forbidden area beyond the reef. When she grows into a young woman she becomes a strong leader, ready to do whatever needs to be done. With her pet rooster and the demigod, Maui, she sets off to save the people of her island. The strong young character’s look matches her personality. She’s got colorful clothing, strong posture, and wild, curly hair.When your daughter dresses up as Moana there’s no need for her to learn how to man a starlight canoe but the details will ignite her imagination. She’ll feel brave and strong like Moana when she’s wearing this long, curly wig. You’ll be glad you bought the right locks as you watch her pretending to paddle the wild ocean in search of Te Fiti. Sure, we think Moana is great but you have our permission to cut off her Moana obsession when she begs you for a pet rooster.

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