Disney Moana Wig for Women


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How Far You’ll GoDreaming of a tropical vacation? No, how about an epic adventure far past the coralline? That sounds more like it! If you’ve ever been called to something bigger than yourself then you probably connected with the strong-willed Moana. While we feel for the chief’s desire to keep his daughter safe and close, there are few scenes as beautiful as this Polynesian princess finally taking off to save the future of her island. Restoring the heart of Te Fiti was probably even more difficult than Moana had bargained for (no thanks to Maui). And while she had to take care of herself out there, she was never alone, her grandmother was with her as soon as she sailed into the open ocean. So, this Halloween embrace that strong, adventurous side of yourself when you channel this epic Disney princess!Product DescriptionWhile we guess you could sail the seas without gorgeous long hair, we don’t think it would be nearly as fun. What would blow behind you as you sailed into the wind? So if you truly want to get into character, throw this wig over your noggin because you can’t be a Disney princess without top-notch hair. The waist-length locks and kinky texture will be stunning when paired with the rest of our Moana costume, making you look like you’re destined for the sea. Sail AwayIf you’re ready to cast off then you’ll need a few things to make your look complete including the costume and the heart of Te Fiti necklace. Wear it to a tropical party, a Disney themed gathering, or simply make Halloween extra adventurous this year. And while most people will know who you are, you know what to say if anyone asks. “I am Moana of Montunui. You will board my boat, and restore the heart of Te Fiti!”

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